Jaal Cycles



The Dedo model is the result of our ideal vision of a fast, stylish e-bike: top-quality workmanship, the best components, a unique design concept with vintage DNA, durable, exclusive and inspiring. Jaal is the answer to bland uniformity and the mainstream.



Our limited 22-series is small but perfectly formed. Every high-quality piece is meticulously built by hand in our factory in Switzerland. We’ll never see the likes of this particular Dedo again. It will remain an exclusive one-off with numerous highlights.



The mid-mounted motor will help you up to the legal speed limit as you pedal. You can of course also take it easy, throttle back the pedal assist and stop for the occasional espresso break. Whether at full speed or at a standstill, on or next to your Dedo, you’ll always cut a fine figure!



With its 350-watt mid-mounted motor, the Dedo is a wolf in (vintage) sheep’s clothing. The discreetly housed Panasonic drive will enable you to reach speeds of up to 45 km/h (28 mph) and will elicit no more than a weary smile when it comes to those mean uphill stretches. But watch out - racing cyclists could get pretty annoyed if you swing out to overtake them without even breaking into a sweat.

And if it should rain unexpectedly, you’ll stay cool. No uncontrolled spinning of the rear wheel when accelerating - no adrenaline rush when you cross slippery tram tracks. And if at times you’re forced to retreat onto the sidewalk, our specially developed parallelogram fork with its 63 mm (2.5”) travel will allow you to easily jump back onto the road.

By the way, there’s enough juice for about 90 kilometers (55 miles). But sometimes you'll also want to pedal through the downtown in high mode. That’ll reduce the range - well, we have to be honest! Don’t panic - there’ll always be enough in reserve to get you to your favorite Italian for a glass of Chianti.

And by the way, if you want to travel incognito, then you’d better take your boring old pedal cycle. With your Dedo you’re guaranteed to be noticed (in a good way).