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Price for the Jaal Dedo in the limited 22-edition on demand.



We’ll gladly deliver your Dedo to your home on request. Delivery costs depend on the distance.




1. Provisions for guarantee and warranty

The respective country-specific guarantee regulations apply. In Switzerland and the EU, consumers may assert warranty rights against the seller for two years from the point of delivery.

As far as the battery is concerned, a residual capacity of 60% of the original capacity is guaranteed after two years. Not included in the warranty is the normal wear and tear of wear parts (tires, inner tubes, chains, brake pads, paint and markings).


2. Voluntary manufacturer's warranty

a. Warranty periods
Jaal Cycles AG offers the following voluntary warranty from the date of purchase for e-bikes assembled and calibrated by Jaal Cycles AG:

  • Frame: lifetime warranty for frame breakage
  • Motor, motor controls, display, charger: 5-year warranty for manufacturing and material defects

The assertion of warranty claims will not result in an extension of the original period(s).

b. Handling of warranty claims
Within the warranty period, product defects can be remedied free of charge by replacement or repair. Warranty services may be provided only by Jaal Cycles AG. The warranty is transferable to a subsequent owner or owners on presentation of the corresponding documentation. Jaal Cycles AG reserves the right in the event of an exchange to deliver or install functionally equivalent components in the context of warranty product replacement.

c. Exclusions from warranty
It is the responsibility of Jaal owners to use their e-bikes for their intended purpose and to regularly service and maintain them. Warranty claims are excluded in the event of defects as a result of incorrect or excessive use, inadequate maintenance, incorrect repair or modification, and as a result of accident.

Warranty claims are also excluded in the event of use in races and competitions, industrial use and with regard to the normal wear of wear parts (e.g. tires, hoses, chains, brake pads and paintwork).