Jaal Cycles



The many parts developed in house, coupled with the classiest components and studded with hand-crafted detail solutions, make the Dedo unmistakable. No compromises for budget reasons - no phony features installed for superficial bedazzlement. With the Dedo, there’s pure chocolate behind the chocolate-box image. That kind of makes sense: after all, the Dedo has a Swiss passport.

Anyone who thinks that the e-styler is made only for one-off use down fancy boutique boulevards has gotten it all wrong. It’ll get you to work every day and be your loyal companion on adventurous weekend tours. And if the blacktop should abruptly end in a cul-de-sac - don't worry, the Dedo is right at home even on bumpy dirt roads.


Every single piece bears the serial number on the swivel-mounted battery box and a hand-cut frame number on the motor plate. Our first series is limited to 22 units. And this is the last you’ll ever see of this particular Dedo edition.


With the 2.5” of travel provided by our specially developed parallelogram fork, you're well prepared to negotiate uneven ground. The Fox shock can be finely tuned to your weight and preferences.


Our frame and rims are wet painted in the traditional manner. Particularly when the sun shines, the six different vintage color combinations reveal their true luster and simply fizz with nostalgic charm. The decorative stripes on the upper tubes are the icing on the cake.


The leather box is meticulously made in-house by hand. Encased in the finest cowhide, it doesn’t just look chic and elegant - the natural material also keeps spray and dirt at bay. If you need to plug it in to charge, you can quickly and easily remove it from the swivel-mounted box.


So that you can turn night into day, the Supernova bulbs developed specifically for fast e-bikes are included as standard. The front light can be separately adjusted with a wing nut – the taillight is built into the seat clamp. The use of our own specially developed CNC milled parts is of course typical of Jaal.


With e-bikes, what you’re interested in first and foremost is maximum pedal-assist. But at 45 km/h (28 mph) and more, you want to be able to stop without your heart in your mouth. In the Hope Tech-3, you have a 4-piston disk brake from the downhill sports field. The 183mm (7.2”) steel brake disks and the Goodridge brake lines round off the high-end package to perfection. The control and braking power are phenomenal.


It’s the small yet refined details that give the Dedo its charm. But many of the solutions are not only elegant but also well-thought-out in their functionality and designed for longevity.


What makes a Jaal unique are its specially designed CNC milled parts, of which there are about 80. Crank, emblem, yokes, battery box, electronics box, braking torque supports, chain guard plate, titanium sleeves - to name but a few. All the aluminum components are produced in Switzerland and protected against corrosion and wear by chrome plating or anodizing.


Chris King, Thomson, Hope, Brooks. If you're familiar with bike accessories, then we need say no more. For everyone else, it can be said that we use only the very highest quality and most durable system components.


The 350 watt (36 volt) Panasonic motor combined with the 15 Ah (36 V) battery provides enough electric power to help you get up to 45 km/h (28 mph) with a mode-dependent range of up to 90 kilometers (55 miles). The drive unit is rugged, quiet and tried-and-tested - a state-of-the-art package designed for genuine peace of mind.


The DT Swiss rims, tested for e-bike, are built by hand by our trusted wheel makers. A machine can be programmed to include as many bells and whistles as you want. But we’re convinced that years of experiences and human feeling matter more.